A People's History of the United States

non-fiction by Howard Zinn


Known for its lively, clear prose as well as its scholarly research, A People's History of the United States is the only volume to tell America's story from the point of view of — and in the words of — America's women, factory workers, African-Americans, Native Americans, working poor, and immigrant laborers.
This P.S. edition features an extra 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and more.
Open-minded readers will prophet from Professor Zinn's account, and historians may view it as a step toward a coherent new version of American history.

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Verdaderamente la "otra historia". Se aprende mucho de la historia social, de como se fueron formando los EE.UU. Para contrastar con lo que creemos que sabemos.

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Lots of great information, but it was just too dry for me.

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