LIMITED AND EISAI. THE YOU PISTEYEIS. EVERYTHING WILL WALK. Bilbao, Spain. Robert Langdon, Professor of symbolologias and religious eikonologias at Harvard, visiting the Guggenheim Museum to attend an important announcement for a discovery that "it's going to forever change the face of science." The host is the Edmond Qirsh, a billionaire sarantaris Futurist, with amazing high-tech inventions and provocative predictions that have made him world famous. The Qirsh, which was one of the first students of Langton at Harvard 20 years ago, going to reveal an amazing achievement, that will provide answers to two of the most basic questions about human existence. But the evening soon evolves in chaos, discovering the Qirsh in danger of being lost forever and the Langdon is forced to escape from Bilbao, having with him the ' Ampra Bidal, beautiful Director of the Museum, and to resort to Barcelona in an effort to detect the hidden password that will unlock the secret of Qirsh. Through the dark corridors of hidden history and religion, following traces of contemporary art and cryptic symbols, Langton and Bidal must escape from a tortured enemy, whose power seems to come from the same the Royal palaces of Spain and that will not stop at anything in order to make the Qirsh to bow down. The most creative and genius novel by Dan Brown.

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