Долгая прогулка

Dystopia, Novel by Стивен Эдвин Кинг


«Долгая прогулка», или «Длинный путь» — роман Стивена Кинга, написанный в 1966 году, и впоследствии изданный под псевдонимом Ричард Бахман. Был впервые опубликован в 1979 году.

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Under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, Stephen King has written his best hands-down story in my opinion ever....powerful, scary, poignant, gory, thought-provoking, beautiful in its own right....in my humble opinion any book that can give me recurring nightmares is fantastic. Its one of his least known works but it is by far my favorite because it makes you think and scares you on a level that will permeate even the soundest sleepers dreams

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