Surrendering Hunger: 365 Devotions for Wholeness

by Jan Johnson


Do you struggle with food issues? Or is there another area of life that you feel God is calling you to surrender? Featuring a daily passage from the Bible, a straight-talking, encouraging meditation, and a prayer to give strength and hope for the journey, this devotional guide has already helped tens of thousands of people struggling with overeating, under-eating, or compulsive eating. Revised and updated for this special 15th anniversary edition, Surrendering Hunger will guide you daily toward freedom and wholeness, as you surrender that which keeps you from becoming the person God created you to be. “Jan Johnson’s wisdom and honesty sometimes startle me. Her insight is powerful regarding the many ways that God teaches us and heals us. She understands me. She will understand you.”
—Carol Showalter, founder of the 3D Plan and co-author of Your Whole Life

Jan Johnson is the author of eighteen books including When Food Is Your Best Friend. She is a speaker, teacher, and spiritual director, and lives with her husband in Simi Valley, California. Visit her website at

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