The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

by ז'וזה סאראמאגו


The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis is a 1984 novel by Portuguese novelist José Saramago, the winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in literature. It tells the story of the final year in the life of the title character, Ricardo Reis, one of the many heteronyms used by the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.
In the novel, Ricardo Reis returns to Lisbon from Brazil, upon receiving word of Pessoa's death. While there, he chooses not to resume his practice of medicine, but rather takes up residence in a hotel where he wastes his days reading newspapers and wandering the streets of Lisbon.
The novel was translated into English by Giovanni Pontiero in 1991 and won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

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Eine Homage an Pessoa, Ricardo Reis war eines der Pseudonyme Pessoas. Schöner Roman.

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