East of Eden

Novel by جان استاینبک


شرق بهشت رمانی از جان استاینبک نویسندهٔ آمریکایی برندهٔ جایزه نوبل است که در سال ۱۹۵۲ به چاپ رسید. در این رمان استاینبک زندگی پیچیده دو خانواده ترسک و همیلتون و داستان‌های در هم گره خورده آن‌ها را به تصویر می‌کشد. استاینبک این رمان را در اصل خطاب به دو پسر کوچکش تام و جان نوشت که در آن زمان به ترتیب شش و نیم و چهار و نیم ساله بودند. وی می‌خواست جزئیات دره سالیناس را برای آن‌ها توصیف کند.

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John Steinbeck is just leaps and bounds above other authors: whether that be character development, plot, action, or just plain ability to tell a long cohesive story with several well developed sub-stories in between. A true masterpiece and I can't wait to read his other works, in hope that they live up to similar calibers.

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It is the Old Testament story of Cain and Abel told twice, a California romance, and a reflection on the American take on the dichotomy of good and evil, how they are achieved and inherited. Thematically heavy, although it lags slightly in the middle, and is a little confused at first. Many strong passages which I could not help but continue reading. Fine writing by Steinbeck.

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A classic story of 2 brothers. It was a little tough for me to et through but the overall message of the book is fantastic.

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