Mary Stuart

by Friedrich Schiller
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Written by Friedrich Schiller, Mary Stuart is one of the most famous plays of the early 1800s. With its first premiere on June the 14th, 1800, the play has achieved resounding success, and was even the basis for inspiration associated with one of Donizetti's more popular operas. Mary Stuart is a verse play written in five acts - each divided into several scenes. The story itself is extremely significant from a historic point of view, depicting the last days of Mary Queen of Scotts, who was allegedly imprisoned for the murder of her husband, Darnley. Her cousin, Queen Elisabeth the 1st, finds it extremely difficult to sign the order to terminate Mary's life, due mainly to the true reason behind her imprisonment - her desire to claim the throne of England that was, at that time, held by Elisabeth herself. A significantly dramatic plot keeps the storyline moving, and maintains the suspense that the readers and audience members alike experience throughout the play. The plot mainly revolves around Mary attempting to prove her innocence, while Elisabeth continues to struggle with the decision of having her executed. The intrigue-rich play is as entertaining and engaging a read as it is when acted out as a dramatic production. Political intrigue and family ties clash, as the two queens attempt to defend themselves, while trying to make the right choices. Neatly written, extremely well-organized and featuring a remarkably rich and inciting vocabulary that is entirely delectable, the play will likely keep both history buffs and drama enthusiasts hooked, while ensuring a steady, fast pace throughout the entire publication that will continue maintaining a high level of suspense. Anyone who enjoys a good play will simply love Schiller's masterpiece, and whether you are more interested in a refined writing style, a good plot or highly realistic characters, you will likely love every second you spend reading Mary Stuart.

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