Les Âmes mortes

fiction by Nikolai Gogol
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Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls is the great comic masterpiece of Russian literature–a satirical and splendidly exaggerated epic of life in the benighted provinces.

Gogol hoped to show the world “the untold riches of the Russian soul” in this 1842 novel, which he populated with a Dickensian swarm of characters: rogues and scoundrels, landowners and serfs, conniving petty officials–all of them both utterly lifelike and alarmingly larger than life. Setting everything in motion is the wily antihero, Chichikov, the trafficker in “dead souls”–deceased serfs who still represent profit to those clever enough to trade in them.

This lively, idiomatic English version by the award-winning translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky makes accessible the full extent of the novel’s lyricism, sulphurous humor, and delight in human oddity and error.

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Der Roman wurde auf zwei Teile angelegt. Als der erste erschien, sprach Puschkin vom wichtigsten Roman eines russsichen Autors. Beim Lesen habe er gleichzeitig geweint und gelacht. Gogol geriet am Ende seines jungen Lebens in Rom in eine religiöse Krise. Er warf den gerade fertiggestellten zweiten Teil in Feuer und bereute es fast sogleich. Wenig später starb er.

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