De sportschrijver

Novel by Richard Ford
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The Sportswriter is a 1986 novel by Richard Ford. It is Ford's third novel and the first of four books of fiction to feature the protagonist Frank Bascombe, a failed novelist turned sportswriter who undergoes an existential crisis following the death of his son. The sequel to The Sportswriter is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Independence Day, published in 1995. After the third installment in the series, titled The Lay of the Land, was published in 2006, the three books together are sometimes identified as the "The Bascombe Trilogy." Ford himself refers to them as "The Bascombe Novels." In 2014, a fourth book in the series, titled Let Me Be Frank With You, was published. In 2007, HBO announced that it was adapting the books into a six-hour HBO miniseries, but HBO subsequently dropped their option, and any future plans to adapt the novels for the screen have been shelved.

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