Pride and Prejudice is een roman, gepubliceerd in 1813, geschreven door de Britse schrijfster Jane Austen. Ze begon te schrijven aan het originele manuscript van Pride and Prejudice tussen 1796 en 1797, onder de titel First Impressions. Maar een uitgever vond het niet goed genoeg waardoor ze het pas in 1811 herzag. Pride and Prejudice werd voor het eerst gedrukt in januari 1813, twee jaar na Sense and Sensibility, haar eerste boek, door de Military Library in Whitehall.

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This novel is addictive. You read it again and again to confirm your suspicion that the male hero suddenly changes partway through it from a contemptible prig into a kind, charming, and modest moral paragon. But what you cannot figure out is how Jane Austin pulls this off without ever losing your interest. Every unexpected twist just makes you want to stay up longer in order to see what happens next. It all holds together, like an Escher painting, despite the fact that, by the end, the male hero has undergone a 180 degree metamorphosis. It's uncanny and a real work of art.

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One of my very favorite books! I love Austen's depiction of the intelligent and strong-willed Elizabeth. I also adore the themes that the book shows about wealth, staying true to yourself, courting, and love. Other characters, such as Mr. Darcy and Jane, are well developed. Finally, I really like the language; I find it flowery, but still easy enough to understand.

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Delicada e perspicaz, esta obra é reflexo de comportamentos atemporais humanos; as relações e os conflitos presentes na narrativa descrevem o amadurecimento do caráter, a formalidade dos interesses e a pré disposição ao julgamento (conceito). É um livro incrivelmente bem escrito, até humorado, onde o amor é a plataforma para o desenvolvimento da personalidade humana.

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Really great novel! Besides the story, which is amazing, the caracters, the description of their personalities, their learning curve, all of this make this one of the best books I ever read.

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Perfeito, bela, porém, não obvia historia de amor, retrata bem a mulher na sociedade inglesa da época ao mesmo tempo em cria um dos principais galãs da literatura mundial.

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