Novel, Horror by Stephen King
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If Misery loves company, it's found a friend in Academy Award nominee Lindsay Crouse (The Verdict, Places in the Heart). King's ghoulish tale of psychotic "number one fan" Annie Wilkes holding her favorite author, Paul Sheldon, prisoner, unfolds in perfect pitch. Crouse switches from Sheldon to Wilkes (think Kathy Bates) to narrator with smooth, flawless transitions, making the unabridged, 12-hour reading of a writer's hell a listener's paradise. (Running time: 12 hours, eight cassettes)

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Ich erinnere mich, dass das Buch zwar recht fesselnd war, mir aber oft unnötig lang vorkam. Dass die Handlung recht (manchmal unnötig?) grausam ist, wird bei dem Autor wenig überraschen.

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It was amazing

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Thoughts while reading Misery: This is a good book. It's a shame I will never read it again. I really don't think I could stand it. But yeah, good book.

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