Sofies verden

Speculative fiction by Jostein Gaarder
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Sofies verden er en ungdomsroman fra 1991, skrevet av Jostein Gaarder. Boken har undertittelen «roman om filosofiens historie». I 1995 var boka regnet som verdens mest solgte roman. Boken er ifølge forlaget oversatt til 59 språk, har solgt over 40 millioner eksemplarer og er filmatisert. Det er også laget musikal, brettspill og PC-spill av boken.

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A mystery story of a girl who receives a lesson on the history of philosophy and discovers different ways of looking at the world. Although I was slightly disappointed by the ending, it was nonetheless a great way to learn about the different philosophers and their way of thinking through Sophie's experience.

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i absolutely love this book because it has such an easy and beautiful way to tell the journey and discoveries of the famous philosophers

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Interesting and magic in my childhood

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Spannend, lehrreich und ein überaschendes Ende :-).

0 Responses posted in October
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