The Diary of a Nobody

Comedy by George Grossmith, Walter Weedon Grossmith


THE DIARY OF A NOBODY began as a serial in Punch and the book which followed in 1892 has never been out of print. The Grossmith brothers not only created an immortal comic character but produced a clever satire of their society. Mr Pooter is an office clerk and upright family man in a dull 1880s suburb. His diary is a wonderful portrait of the class system and the inherent snobbishness of the suburban middle classes. It sends up contemporary crazes for Aestheticism, spiritualism and bicycling, as well as the fashion for publishing diaries by anybody and everybody.

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Diary of a Nobody is one of those "books about nothing" that is a pleasurable read over and over. It is a diary full of nothing written by a nobody, and yet written in a style so charming and believable that it might as well be a neighbor's journal, or even your own. It is the story of an ordinary man who struggles, against friends, family, and as often as not himself, to live in quiet dignity. The book is mostly humorous with an unoffensive and healthy dose of middle-class morality mixed in. I think the 'author' of the diary is best summed up by the following quote: "I left the room with silent dignity, but caught my foot in the mat."

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