Novel, Gothic fiction by Bram Stoker
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Dracula är en skräckroman från 1897 av den irländske författaren Bram Stoker, där den huvudsakliga antagonisten är vampyren Greve Dracula. Dracula har sedan gestaltats i en rad filmer, till exempel stumfilmen Nosferatu, Dracula och Bram Stokers Dracula. Till de mest framträdande gestaltarna hör Béla Lugosi, Christopher Lee och Terence Fisher. Den har dessutom givits ut i omskrivna versioner flera gånger.

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I enjoyed this book immensely, and can really see why it is named as a classic! Many ‘classic’ novels, I can’t see the worth of, but this one was different. A lot goes on in this story, including vampirism, bug-eating, and there is the famous Dr. Van Helsing! It’s a very typical Victorian novel, with a lot of honour and protection directed towards women, and groups of men acting together and being manly. Although I really enjoyed the book and would read it again, I found the ending a little anticlimactic. Of course, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you :)

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