A Shore Thing: An Otter Bay Novel

Novel by Julie Carobini


Callie Duflay doesn t fit in. While her siblings have built white collar lives, she prefers working with kids at a local camp and jumping into community causes. So when Callie learns that a beloved piece of property in her town of Otter Bay may soon be developed, she confronts the architect assigned to the project - much to the chagrin of her family. Gage Mitchell may be an easygoing, eco-friendly architect, but he is not about to back off the Otter Bay project - no matter how cute Callie or her beloved pet Moondoggy may be. While they each have noble reasons for their stubbornness - protecting the environment that surrounds their community - they are at constant odds. Outside of their battle, these two would be perfect for each other. Will they ever figure that out?

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