Alexander the Great: An Historical Novel About the Man That Conquered the World (History for fun) (Volume 1)

by Gennaro Cuofano


In a grey and cloudy day thousand of men were ready to cross the Hydaspes’ river, commanded by an intrepid General, which was also their King. The troops were strained by the relentlessness and restlessness of their King. They had marched for almost ten years from a rocky town located on low hills at the edge of swampy ground called Pella, located in Macedonia. They had succeeded to get to the Hydaspes’ river, which crossed Pakistan and India. The soldiers were over four thousand miles away from home, but throughout the ten years of expedition they had walked for over ten thousand miles. This strenuous campaign made them look forward to the day of their homecoming. Many of them dreamed of their families and wives awaiting for their return and envied the tranquility that the other Macedonian citizens were living in their homeland. Many other men feared the unknown expedition they were going to face. Nobody before had ever tried to get to India. The soldiers had no idea to what to expect from that unknown land. Some other soldiers thought the King was a fool, inconsiderate man that would have brought them to hell very soon. These mixed feelings of the troops made the mood very gloomy, and it challenged the success of the expedition. How will our hero face his last and greatest impediment?

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