Alice's Adventures Under Ground: Facsimile of the Author's Manuscript Book with Additional Material from the Facsimile Edition of 1886

Speculative fiction by Lewis Carroll


This work is sometimes called the "Fascimile Edition" of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll wrote, in his own hand, the story whose core elements had been told to the the three Liddell sisters, Lorina, Alice and Edith, and a friend, the Reverend Duckworth, on their boat ride on the Thames in July of 1862. Carroll gave this hand-written copy to Alice Liddell a few years later. More than twenty years after he wrote this single copy, the facsimile edition was published, reproducing his own handwriting and illustrations. It has fewer illustrations than AAIW, having 37 instead of 42, and Carroll is not as good an artist as John Tenniel, but Carroll has an interesting visual sense nonetheless. There are textual differences as well, such as in the mouse's tale (or tail) and significant amounts of text were added to what became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as it was published in 1865.

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