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Baudolino is a 2000 novel by Umberto Eco about the adventures of a young man named Baudolino in the known and mythical Christian world of the 12th century.
Baudolino was translated into English in 2001 by William Weaver. The novel presented a number of particular difficulties in translation, not the least of which is that there are ten or so pages written in a made-up language that is a mixture of Latin, medieval Italian and other languages.

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Mi libro favorito! Sabes cuando lees un libro de Eco que de una u otra manera intentara engañarte, y cuando te dice de entrada que este libro se trata de un mentiroso, te pone en guardia... con todo, este libro te conecta un knock-out impredecible. Buenisimo!

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Enjoyable and imaginative, when it hit its mark. The method of storytelling was exceptionally charming to me, as an amateur medievalist, in that the whole book reads authentically as if it were from the mind of a Medieval man. This is evident in the way the facts of the story are presented in relation to their meaning, as opposed to any objective measure of truth or believability. Furthermore, the protagonist is aware of this state of things himself, and advantages himself of it with complete sincerity. Baudolino is a man who knows where he desires to go, but the desire is not personal and egoistic, but emotive and pious. Sometimes the story drags, especially before Baudolino leaves on his mystical quest, but in retrospect the details were enlivening, if occasionally putting demands upon the reader's patience.

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