Blade Runner

Dystopia, Novel by Philip K. Dick


By 2021, the Terminus War had driven mankind off-planet and entire species into extinction. Now only the rich can afford living creatures; others may buy amazingly realistic simulacrae: horses, cats, sheep... Even humans. These artificial people are so advanced it's impossible to tell them from true men and women--except for their lack of empathy. Without empathy, androids can--and do--kill their owners and blend into society, so they're illegal on Earth. It's Rick Deckard's job to find these rogues and "retire" them. But "andys" tend to fight back--with deadly results.

First Published


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Angenehm dystopische Story, aber in der Tat stellenweise etwas unverständlich. Inhaltlich weicht der Film ziemlich ab, insofern hat es nicht geschadet, die Filme bereits zu kennen.

0 Responses posted in April


Better than the movie, but still does not live upto the potential of the idea.

0 Responses posted in November


Nette Grundidee, dann leider zu naiv und teilweise unverständlich.

0 Responses posted in July
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