Cure for the Procrastination Puzzle: Blueprint to Develop Atomic Long Term Habits for Productivity and Get things Done - Learn Why You Do It and Master Your Time with Over 7 Highly Effective Methods

by Stephen E. Patterson


Why can’t I start what I put my mind too? Where does the time go? Seems like you never have enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to add an extra 6 to 8 hours to your day?

There’re so many things to do yet you can’t get started. Everyone knows doing work that’s not important can’t fill the gap for what really needs to be done. Top performers know this. They know that if they spend time on non-essential busy work, they’ll never be successful.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who wish they could start what they put their mind too, the answer is simple. You need to adjust your habits, put your focus where it counts. In this book, I’ll show you how to do that. Inside, I’ll teach you to figure out which tasks are worthy of attention, and how to focus on actions that clearly move you forward.

This book will be your guide to:

  • Gain a new perspective on old useless habits and ineffective patterns
  • Discover new, useful ways to become extremely productive fast
  • Learn the roles of motivation, willpower, and self-discipline in your success
  • Audit your daily activities and assess your weekly goals to free up time
  • Unlock the power of “time chunking” and learn to leverage your peak energy
  • Reveal the secret of Parkinson’s Law and use it to propel yourself forward
  • Master your ability to dial in your focus and eliminate silly distractions

When you order this book, you make a decision to regain control of your life. No longer will you let hours slip by doing tasks that don’t matter. Instead, you take action and become productive accomplishing more in one month than in the past year. Discover little pockets of time hidden in places you didn’t notice before.

Stop doubting yourself and take action now. Inside, I’ll show you how to identify time leaks that waste away your day and how to put your focus where it really counts.

It IS possible to add hours back to your day. It starts with a decision to create change. When you’re ready to turn procrastination into productivity, scroll up and order this book today.

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