Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield

by Jeremy Scahill


A New York Times bestseller A Washington Post bestseller Named the top investigative journalism book of 2013 by Nieman Reports Selected as one of Publishers Weekly s Top 10 Books of 2013 A courageous and exhaustive examination of the way a number of clandestine campaigns full of crimes cover ups and assassinations became the United States main strategy for combating terrorism Teju Cole The New Yorker Best Books of 2013 In Dirty Wars Jeremy Scahill author of the New York Times best seller Blackwater takes us inside America s new covert wars The foot soldiers in these battles operate globally and inside the United States with orders from the White House to do whatever is necessary to hunt down capture or kill individuals designated by the president as enemies Drawn from the ranks of the Navy SEALs Delta Force former Blackwater and other private security contractors the CIA s Special Activities Division and the Joint Special Operations Command JSOC these elite soldiers operate worldwide with thousands of secret commandos working in more than one hundred countries Funded through black budgets Special Operations Forces conduct missions in denied areas engage in targeted killings snatch and grab individuals and direct drone AC 130 and cruise missile strikes While the Bush administration deployed these ghost militias President Barack Obama has expanded their operations and given them new scope and legitimacy Dirty Wars follows the consequences of the declaration that the world is a battlefield as Scahill uncovers the most important foreign policy story of our time From Afghanistan to Yemen Somalia and beyond Scahill reports from the frontlines in this high stakes investigation and explores the depths of America s global killing machine He goes beneath the surface of these covert wars conducted in the shadows outside the range of the press without effective congressional oversightor public debate And based on unprecedente

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