Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dystopia, Novel by Philip K. Dick


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a book that most people think they remember and almost always get more or less wrong. Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner took a lot from it, and threw a lot away. Wonderful in itself, the film is a flash thriller, whereas Dick's novel is a sober meditation. As we all know, bounty hunter Rick Deckard is stalking a group of androids who have returned from space with short life spans and murder on their minds--where Scott's Deckard was Harrison Ford, Dick's is a financially strapped municipal employee with bills to pay and a depressed wife. In a world where most animals have died, and pet keeping is a social duty, he can only afford a robot imitation, unless he gets a big financial break.

The genetically warped "chickenhead" John Isidore has visions of a tomb-world where entropy has finally won. And everyone plugs in to the spiritual agony of Mercer, whose sufferings for the sins of humanity are broadcast several times a day. Prefiguring the religious obsessions of Dick's last novels, this book asks dark questions about identity and altruism. After all, is it right to kill the killers just because Mercer says so? --Roz Kaveney,

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Angenehm dystopische Story, aber in der Tat stellenweise etwas unverständlich. Inhaltlich weicht der Film ziemlich ab, insofern hat es nicht geschadet, die Filme bereits zu kennen.

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Better than the movie, but still does not live upto the potential of the idea.

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Nette Grundidee, dann leider zu naiv und teilweise unverständlich.

0 Responses posted in July
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