Drums of Autumn

Novel, Historical novel by Diana Gabaldon


Set in pre-Revolutionary War America, readers finally have the much awaited fourth book in what will probably become a six book series (The Outlander series). The talented Diana Gabaldon continues Claire and Jamie's romantic love affair, and introduces Brianna and Roger's story. Eight hundred pages, and several wonderful new characters later, we wonder why we were waiting for a conclusion. It'll be a long wait for book five, so I recommend you go back and reread Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager to keep yourself sane.

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This series is as enthralling as Harry potter was 10 years ago. My reading has matured and I love the hunger game an twilight series but always felt immature for enjoying them. This series has given me the same romantic and alluring story, but for an adult. Gabaldean manages to deliver the tenderness and excitement of relationships that mature readers yearn for.

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