Elementary Principles of Economics

by Irving Fisher


From America's first celebrated economist comes this 1912 textbook with a succinct yet highly informative introduction to economics as it was understood and practiced in the early 20th century.

Fisher provides in-depth discussions of basic topics including:
. wealth, property, and income
. credit and debt
. currency, prices, and monetary systems
. supply and demand, capital and labor
. poverty
. and more.

American economist IRVING FISHER (1867-1947) was professor of political economy at Yale University. Among his many books are The Rate of Interest (1907), Why Is the Dollar Shrinking? A Study in the High Cost of Living (1914), and Booms and Depressions (1932).

ALSO FROM COSIMO: Fisher's The Purchasing Power of Money: Its Determination and Relation to Credit Interest and Crises and Mathematical Investigations in the Theory of Value and Prices and Appreciation and Interest

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