Escape from Gangsta Island (English Edition)

by Bernard Paul Chapin


Bobbi Sue Chin was very cruel and very unusual. She was given a goldmine and turned it into Chernobyl. She was an anti-leader and a posterchild for Histrionic Personality Disorder. She turned a school into a Nero-esque playground. She dwelled at the intersection of feminism, self-esteem, affirmative action, and aggressive ignorance. Students in her care learned much about Bobbi Sue…and little else. When the facts became known a massive cover-up was initiated. The only thing essential was that Chin, and the people who hired her, kept their jobs. This book is a stunning indict of progressivism and its utopian excesses. The author was present to witness it all. What follows is a true story. The events depicted will shock practically everyone.

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