Flowers for Algernon

Novel by Daniel Keyes, J. David Rogers


With more than five million copies sold, Flowers for Algernon is the beloved, classic story of a mentally disabled man whose experimental quest for intelligence mirrors that of Algernon, an extraordinary lab mouse. In poignant diary entries, Charlie tells how a brain operation increases his IQ and changes his life. As the experimental procedure takes effect, Charlie's intelligence expands until it surpasses that of the doctors who engineered his metamorphosis. The experiment seems to be a scientific breakthrough of paramount importance--until Algernon begins his sudden, unexpected deterioration. Will the same happen to Charlie?

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Whatever you do, just don't be a pushover.

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A beautifully written book that, through the eyes of its narrator Charlie, deals with the question: does being smarter make you happier? Charlie is a man in his early 30s with an IQ of 68. He is chosen for a pioneering scientific experiment that will increase his intelligence, mainly because of his mild and friendly nature and desire to learn. So far, the experiment has only been attempted on a mouse named Algernon. When the experiment is successful, Charlie has to navigate through life with the knowledge of a genius, but the emotional maturity of a child. Through his honest, simple narrative, we begin to see that gaining intelligence is not without its flaws. He makes some bald and heart wrenching observations about himself and others. Algernon is only a mouse. Will the results of the experiment last?

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This is honestly one of, if not the best book that I've ever read. Keyes manages to get you to fully understand who Charlie is, how he thinks, what he wants, and why he wants. We get to know him inside and out before anything good, or bad happens to him. The way he intertwines this unique yet brilliant style of narrative with the amazingly sympathetic character that Charlie is only makes the book that much more amazing. This is a must-read.

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