Grimms Fairy tales

Fairy tale by Axel Grube, Brüder Grimm, Jacob Grimm, Philip Pullman, Wilhelm Grimm


'Swiftness is a great virtue in the fairy tale. All we need is the word 'Once . . . ' and we're off' In this enchanting retelling of Grimms' fairy tales, Philip Pullman conjures up a world of wicked deeds, gruesome deaths, magical transformations and otherworldly romance. Here are some of the strangest, most darkly fascinating tales ever told, made fresh and original through Pullman's distinctive voice. 'Gripping . . . A clear and humorous retelling, with added sprinklings of wit ... as well as a sense of these tales as living, mutable things that still transmit deep truths.' Sunday Telegraph 'Told with extraordinary toughness and savagery.' Andrew Marr'Magical . . . This wonderful retelling is set to become a classic in its own right.' Sunday Times

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Die Brüder Grimm haben sich die Märchen von alten hessischen Landfrauen erzählen lassen und sie in diesem mündlichen Ton aufgeschrieben. Kein Wort zuviel. Ein magischer Tonfall. Die Geschchten bleiben einem fürs ganze Leben. Immer wieder lesen - sie werden immer besser!

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