Healers (a Hyllis family story #3)

Novel by Laurence Dahners


“Healers” is the third in a series of stories featuring the Hyllis family who tend to inherit “talents.” The stories are set after a plague induced apocalypse which resulted in the collapse of civilization and reduced mankind back to iron and horsepower.
Eva Hyllis and her ancestors became healers because they could feel the insides of their patients with their talents. This helps them diagnose the underlying causes of many illnesses. Having made a diagnosis, sometimes they can do something, but often they cannot. However, Eva’s children inherit telekinetic and teleportation talents. Telekinetic pressure can stop bleeding and teleportation can remove stones and atherosclerotic plaque.
As time goes on they find more and more medical conditions that their talents allow them to treat.
Then they enter a kingdom where practicing the art of healing is forbidden. When patients come to Eva in hopes of a cure, she finds herself unable to refuse them merely because the law demands that she should.
Treating patients brings her into conflict with a powerful king. Imprisoned and enslaved, is there any way she and her family can win her freedom?

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