I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Comedy by Tucker Max


I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a book of autobiographical short stories about sex and drinking adventures written by Tucker Max. It was a New York Times #1 bestseller and has made the Best Seller List each year from 2006 to 2011. It has sold over one million copies worldwide, including 400,000 copies in 2009 alone. The book was subsequently made into a feature film of the same title.
Composed of short stories narrated by the author, the book often focuses on the narrator's humorous excess. The stories deal with themes such as the author's views on women, drinking, insulting people, and embarrassing sexual encounters. A sequel, Assholes Finish First, was released by Simon and Schuster on September 28, 2010.

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I had a friend recommend the book to me a couple of years ago and I finally got around to reading it. A few pages into it and I knew I was hooked and ended up finishing it in a night. The book itself is a collection of short stories, which made it an easy read - as the situations, characters, etc. are always changing. The content of the stories typically revolves around partying, alcohol, and sexual endeavors of the author during his youth and [post] college years. Not a book for the fainthearted, as the contents tend to be raunchy and profane. Overall, this was an interesting book that constantly left me wondering what insane and bawdy acts Tucker Max would pull next.

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