In memory yet green : the autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920-1954

by Isaac Asimov


In Memory Yet Green: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920–1954, is the first volume of Isaac Asimov's two-volume autobiography. It was published in 1979. This first volume covers the years 1920 to 1954, which lead up to the point just prior to Asimov's becoming a full-time writer. In Joy Still Felt: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1954–1978, the second part of Asimov's autobiography, covers the years 1954 to 1978.
In Memory Yet Green is Asimov's joint 200th book; it was published on the same day as Opus 200. It includes one of Asimov's first ever short science fiction stories, "The Weapon".

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