Jane Austen Miscellany

by Lesley Bolton


In a modest effort to feed the longing for more Jane than we can ever get, The Jane Austen Miscellany is a generous serving of:

-Fascinating facts of Jane's life and career
-Quotes from admirers and detractors (can you believe she had detractors?)
-Quotes from your favorite characters
-The barbed wit of Jane herself
-Revealing excerpts from Jane's personal letters
-Profiles of Jane's brooding heroes, feisty heroines, comically flawed relatives and scurrilous villains
-The best of the sequels: suggestions for further reading and movie viewing
-Much, much more!

The Jane Austen Miscellany is the ultimate guide of everything Jane Austen for those who just can't get enough!

"For reading Jane Austen, to those who love her, is like mounting with wings as eagles; we cannot tire."
-G.B Stern

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