Jonkil Dies: (A Mesophysical Eulogy)

by Kane X Faucher


"Jonkil Calembour is dying. Misunderstood genius, madman, pariah, and notorious drunk, Jonkil recounts the entirety of his life with inexhaustible bile and disgust. From his academic fall from grace, to a brief stay in a mental institution; from great metaphysician and libertine poet to despised cultural critic and fiendish art-surgeon, nothing is immune from Jonkil's polemical treatment in this vertiginous free-fall through the tangled bracken of an impossible mind. One part rabid Céline, another part jabbering Artaud, and shot right through by a kind of Gonzo bullet, Jonkil breathes his last with his shocking invective and trysts with complicated women. Jonkil Dies is the eponymous hero in this final instalment of Kane X. Faucher's experimental trilogy. Jonkil's last breath is the ongoing rant of an intriguingly unreliable Gonzo narrator whose linguistic perceptions will entrain you in echoes of Eco and Celine, for Faucher is the appropriate lineage holder of a literary tradition that includes Borges, Beckett and Pound. Read Jonkil Dies and be revived. —Penn Kemp ""Holy Kanadada, Bat(aille)man! Kane X. Faucher's socio-sexio-scalpel of Logos explodes an intoxicated phantasmarrhea of Anguish & Ecstasy unto the Jabberwocky Matrix Éxtrémé! Run for the Collidosphere of hyper-Deleuzian Magyaria & hold to the Vertigo of the New Philology's Brainbucket Bastardchild!"" —Mark Spitzer, author of Age of the Demon Tools. Cover image by Matina Stamatakis. "

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