Knight of Shadows

Novel, Fantasy by Roger Zelazny


Knight of Shadows is the ninth book in the Amber saga by Roger Zelazny and published in November 1989.
Merlin continues to attempt to solve the mysteries in his life: Why did Julia turn against him? And how did she get involved with Jurt, who is raging against him a ruthless vendetta?
After being trapped in a strange world peopled with ghosts induced by the Pattern, Merlin discovers that he is involved in a superpower quarrel between Amber's Pattern and the Logrus of Chaos.
In this book, Merlin describes Corwin's voice as "the voice which had once told me a very long story containing multiple versions of an auto accident and a number of genealogical gaffes." The "genealogical gaffes" here refers to a number of inconsistencies in the first series regarding the parentage of Corwin's various siblings.

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