La caverna = A caverna

Novel by José Saramago


An old potter, his daughter and her son-in-law, after a crisis in the artisan industry, undertake a new strategy in their sales then of them depend not to be absorbed by the great city that grow excessive near its rustic town simultaneously, martial, the son-in-law, employee like permanent watchman of the commercial complex of the city, is promoted in their work after the failure of their new company and the resistance to change of space, the family must be transferred to the city the three personages face difficulties the new situation, to the confrontation between the spaces that live: the field and the city, but stay united and conserve theirrustic house. an extraordinary event unties the strict monitoring and runs a rumor on a mysterious construction within the commercial center cipriano algor, the old potter, takes advantage of the turn monitoring its son-in-law and discovers the great secret that affects it until the tears.

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This book was suggested to me by my teacher in philosophy, and I feared it was going to be a pain. But I was wrong, because even if the book is quite challenging, it's not hard to understand and in the end, I enjoyed almost every part of it. It's worth the effort.

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