Let Go of Your Heart

Novel by Dawn Felton


Michael Brentwood AKA DJ Mikey Mike, Tampa Bay’s hottest radio personality, is the wild and sexy playboy disc jockey of the local hip hop station 99.7 The Vibe. He is gritty and lives life flying by the seat of his pants with a fiery temper that he is not afraid to act on. Michael's equally insatiable sex drive pushes him to quench his thirst, with a different woman every night.
But all of that changes once he meets Cassie Williams, the flawless beauty. She is fresh from New York and is eager to get her life on track in Tampa, FL as Holdings Bank’s new Vice President of Corporate Training.
Cassie is determined to succeed, even if she has to get to the top alone. She is willing to find love, but plays by her own rules. When she effortlessly catches the attention of Mikey Mike, Cassie uses her good sense to friend-zone him the minute she meets him.

Their love of hip hop music brings Michael and Cassie together as fast friends and their time together training for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure seals their bond for a lifetime.
Throughout their friendship Cassie’s heart warms up to Michael, yet she painstakingly fights back her feelings for him mostly due to what she believes is a major difference—Michael is white and Cassie is black. Or is it the fact that Michael still remains a notorious womanizer?
Can Michael convince Cassie that he is a changed man and that she can let go of her heart? Only time will tell in this intriguing comedic drama of love, friendship, and hip hop.

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