Lyle, Lyle, crocodile

fiction by Bernard Waber


Lyle, Lyle Crocodile is a children's book written by Bernard Waber first published in 1965. It is the sequel to The House on East 88th Street, published in 1962.
The book is the second in the Lyle the Crocodile series. The fictional series follows the life of Lyle, a city-dwelling crocodile who lives in a Victorian brownstone with a family named the Primms.
The story begins with Lyle and Mrs. Primms going shopping and running into their neighbor, Mr. Grumps. The grouchy Mr. Grumps finds Lyle a nuisance because Lyle scares his cat, Loretta, and he has him thrown in the zoo. When Lyle is freed by his old performing partner Mr. Valenti, they go back to the house on 88th Street, where they find Mr. Grumps' house on fire. Lyle rescues Mr. Grumps, is declared a hero, and thus is allowed to stay with the Primms.

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