Modern welfare states : politics and policies in Social Democratic Scandinavia

by John Logue, Eric S. Einhorn


Modern Welfare States analyzes the political, economic, and social challenges facing three small, affluent, industrialized democracies: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The emphasis is contemporary, but the analysis covers political history, governmental institutions, policy making, parties, interest groups, political socialization and political culture. Advanced comparative politics and public policy researchers, readers interested in modern Scandinavia, or anyone interested in economic and political issues will find Modern Welfare States a source of stimulating ideas.

The focus upon transfer payments, social welfare policy, economic planning, labor market measures, industrial relations, and measures to promote economic and industrial democracy comprise what the authors call the Scandinavian model. This model is the main source of foreign interest in Scandinavian politics, contemporary history, and social science. The comparative and interdisciplinary focus with Scandinavia (upon three countries, rather than a single one) sharpen the book's theme and, thus, will appeal to a broader audience than a single-country study.

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