Morning Star: Book 3 of the Red Rising Saga (Red Rising Series)

by Pierce Brown


An Amazon Best Book of February 2016: An entire trilogy rarely stays strong all the way through. The middle may sag, or the end might fizzle. That’s not the case with Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series, and his third and final book has again made the cut as a Best of the Month pick by the Amazon Books editors. Torn between loyalty to his Gold friends and his drive to free the lowColors, our battered hero Darrow is more vulnerable than ever as the fate of the solar system rests on his shoulders. Will Darrow’s allies stay true now that they know who he really is? Does his rebellion against the Golds have any chance at all? Will everyone (or anyone) survive? As Darrow searches for a conclusive win in the civil war he’s leading, he makes choices that will change his life, the lives of his friends, and the lives of millions of people struggling against the tyranny of the Golds. Morning Star keeps the action red-hot as it leaps between epic battle scenes in space and hand-to-hand combat on Mars while never losing sight of the emotions that drive the characters toward their fates. This is an incandescent, deeply satisfying finale to a series that has forged a new generation of science fiction readers. —Adrian Liang

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