Movement System Variability

by unknown author


In the groundbreaking text, Movement System Variability, internationally known scientists synthesize the latest research in the study of variability in the human movement system and provide an in-depth, multi-disciplinary analysis for researchers in human movement sciences and related fields.

Movement System Variability's unique dynamic systems perspective in most chapters adds a new theoretical interpretation to the role of variability in movement behavior. A rich array of scientific disciplines is represented in the text to offer insights into the nature and role of variability observed at different levels of analysis.

Movement System Variability is organized into five parts:

-Behavioral Analysis of Variability in the Movement System

-Variability, Performance and Excellence

-Issues in Measurement

-Variability Across the Lifespan

-Variability Within Subsystems
This essential reference book provides fresh insights into the nature and function of variability. Just as important, it demonstrates how an understanding of variability can enhance the practice of educators, teachers, coaches, physiotherapists, and developmental specialists. This book is an ideal reference for researchers or students interested in the human movement sciences.

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