Murder At the ABA

Mystery by Isaac Asimov


Murder at the ABA is a mystery novel by Isaac Asimov, following the adventures of a writer and amateur detective named Darius Just, whom Asimov modeled on his friend Harlan Ellison. While attending a convention of the American Booksellers Association, Just discovers the dead body of a friend and protégé. Convinced that the death was due to murder, but unable to convince the police, Just decides to investigate on his own.
The book is an example of metafiction, as Asimov himself appears as a character doing research for a murder mystery set at a booksellers' convention.
In 1979 Asimov described Murder at the ABA as "my favourite book of all two hundred I have written so far."
Murder at the ABA was published as Authorised Murder in the United Kingdom.

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