Mushroom Girls Virus: A Guide to the Identification and Study of Our Commoner Fungi with Special Emphasis on the Edible

by Deanne Y. Cheuk


Mushroom Girls Virus is the debut book from acclaimed illustrator and art director Deanne Cheuk. It features the world’s first fully embroidered linen cloth cover and contains a collection of delicate, psychedelic drawings, paintings and illustrations revolving around the theme of girls and mushrooms.

In this publication Cheuk fuses meticulous pencil drawings and collages of girls, landscapes, mushrooms and birds with sporadic bursts of watercolor and three-dimensional elements of mushrooms and graphic shapes.

Published for the first time are Cheuk’s oil paintings on canvas. She says, "I wanted to explore the mushroom girls in another medium. With all the time it took to mix the colors and paint the strokes up close, I really started to get lost in their world."

Cheuk’s work can also be seen in Romantik, Lavender, Grimm and Coast to Coast.

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