Peace Patrol

by Eden Steele


Teach students to be effective problem solvers and positive decision makers by implementing this highly acclaimed, award-winning program. Through Peace Patrol activities, students learn skills in peaceful conflict resolution and you will:

• Establish a foundation of self-esteem, respect for others, cooperation, peaceful communication and conflict resolution strategies among all students.

• Teach students how to create solutions, consider consequences, and make positive decisions.

• Enable youngsters to work out peaceful resolution to conflicts that occur not only at school but in the community and at home.

• Enhance self-esteem and academic achievement.

• Provide children with reasonable alternatives to gangs.

• Make school, home, and community environments safer and happier.

With Peace Patrol, you are helping students to embrace and expect safety and security in their learning environment. Students are also developing deeply internalized skills for resolving conflict with words and not weapons. Grades K-8

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