Pilgrimage on the Path of Love

by Barbara Ann Briggs


Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is the story of a woman on the spiritual path who travels alone to India. Arriving in New Delhi, expecting to be her publisher's guest, she finds herself instead in a Buddhist guest house with lamas from Ladakh. There she is introduced to Tibetan Buddhism and befriends a lama. Traveling to a Himalayan hill station to write, and living very simply, she meets people from all over the world who share their wisdom of life. While living in a Buddhist monastery, she experiences a deepening of faith in the eternal harmony of creation. Finally, she embarks on a momentous journey to Ladakh, The Last Shangri-La, to await the lama she loves. There, her faith is severely tested, but in the end, she emerges as a fuller human being with a more mature understanding of the true nature of life and love.

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