Pirates of Shadowed Time (The Esme Chronicles Book 2)

by JL Redington


There be pirates afoot! In this second book of the Esme Chronicles, Esme must help a band of pirates trapped in time, repair the damage they have done to the small town of Dorningsworth, Maine.

Esme enlists the help of the handsome young pirate and cabin boy, Torian, to help her understand the ways of the pirates. With her constant friend and companion, Butler at her side, Esme moves through the murky waters of a pirate’s life.

Can Esme find the secret of these men and help them move on? Will she end up with the same parents she started with when her mission is complete? What will become of the bond she and Torian have made? Find out how Esme works through twists and turns as she races with time to save the past and the present.

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