Red Mars

Science Fiction by Kim Stanley Robinson


The first novel in the astounding trilogy, Red Mars chronicles the lives of the first arrivals to Mars. The planet that the settlers find is empty of life and many of the pioneers want to begin changing the ecosystem right away to be suitable for human life. But the purity of the stark landscape convinces some scientists that it should be preserved. The stakes are high and the players on both sides range from politically naive idealists to ambitious manipulators without discernible scruples. No one can be sure that "terraforming" the planet will succeed, but it is certain to change the face of Mars beyond recognition. Red Mars won the 1994 Nebula Award.

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Fun in its approach and its level of detail; slips between a number of different characters to illustrate macro changes in a Martian colonization project. Interested mostly in politics and sociality but detailed in its take on what the science and engineering could be sort-of like. Weird, parochial, but genuine interest in Islam. Kind of cheesy sometimes. Bad at writing romance, without any self-awareness, like almost every other male science fiction author.

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