SJWs ATTACK (English Edition)

by Bernard Paul Chapin


SJWs are everywhere in 2019. They are pathogenic macro-organisms who constantly nudge the citizenry to become as neurotic, cowardly, emotional, and unpleasant as they are. They infest our cultural landscape in the manner of bedbugs. They have replicated at an astounding rate with the maturation of the millennial generation.

If you are reading this (willingly) you are definitely a lover of liberty and undoubtedly open minded. What you certainly are not is an SJW as being one of them is akin to committing intellectual Seppuku on a daily basis. Anyone curious by nature is an enemy of their movement. Once a man asks a question, he finds himself outside the scope of their ideology.

Whenever you stumble across a smug tone drenched in rancorous sentiment, you probably are listening to an SJW. The activist reads To Kill A Mockingbird once…and then spends the remainder of her days trying to relive the sanctimonious feelings she initially felt.

They are convinced that they care and others don’t. Poppycock. All they care about is themselves and their artificially inflated self-regard. The left uses the American right as a blind to prevent them from seeing their true enemy ...REALITY...and only daily doses of hysteria, hate, psychological projection, and lies allow the blind to remain intact.

In these pages, Bernard Chapin describes the time in which he was waylaid by an SJW revolt, and also provides insight obtained from dealing with two malignant narcissists. His experiences with these mentally ill individuals provide others with an opportunity to learn from his misfortune.

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