Sally Goes to the Mountains

by Stephen Huneck


Sally can't wait. This affable black Lab and her human pal (appearing only occasionally as a partially offstage arm or lap) are going camping in the mountains. She's read all about the animals up there--rabbits, bears, moose, owls, beavers, skunks--and is itching to get to know each and every one. They load up the van with gear and plenty of dog food, and Sally snuggles down to sleep for the long ride, while visions of songbirds and berry-munching bears dance in her head. This irresistible canine is well acquainted with road trips after her earlier trip to the beach (Sally Goes to the Beach). Dog lovers especially will be amused by Sally's innocent ramblings and her dreamy fixation on food. Internationally acclaimed artist Stephen Huneck creates fantastic hand-carved woodblock prints of the stocky Lab (who also starred in his My Dog's Brain) and miscellaneous mountain critters, creating the kind of art that will linger long in a reader's memory. (Ages 3 to 7) --Emilie Coulter

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