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In his triumphant new novel, Ian McEwan, the bestselling author of Atonement, follows an ordinary man through a Saturday whose high promise gradually turns nightmarish. Henry Perowne–a neurosurgeon, urbane, privileged, deeply in love with his wife and grown-up children–plans to play a game of squash, visit his elderly mother, and cook dinner for his family. But after a minor traffic accident leads to an unsettling confrontation, Perowne must set aside his plans and summon a strength greater than he knew he had in order to preserve the life that is dear to him.

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So, it is for that reason I give it five stars. So many times I wanted to just put it down and cut my losses, but I just couldn't. So I kept reading and getting sucked deeper and deeper.

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I loved it. You can broaden your audience by publishing your story on NovelStar Mobile App.

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