Shadow's Due

by T. M. Hart


~An epic dark fantasy, the Shadow Series is an adult paranormal romance adventure. Follow the continuation of Violet's story in Book 3 of the series~ Violet Archer's world is crumbling down around her. She's discovering things she never knew and there's still more to come. Determined as she is, she's rolling with the punches--and knocking out a few of her own. She's finding herself in the middle of . . . well . . . quite a few things. And as deeply tangled as she is with two very powerful men, she can't just walk away from either. She's also carrying a heavy burden, with the weight of two warring races on her shoulders, a prophecy to fulfill, and an item she must procure for the god of death. And none of it will be easy. Violet is going to have to make her way through some very dark places . . . if there is any chance of finding the light. *Adult novel. Contains mature and explicit content. **Advisory warning for those with sensitivities or triggers to issues regarding mental health and well being.

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