Shadow's Fall

by T. M. Hart


Shadow's Fall, Book 4 . . . The Conclusion.

"I have tried to share everything. I have tried to hold nothing back. And so, I will tell you what happens next.

You may judge me. You may cast your disapproval. You may call me fatalistic or dramatic. Weak. Or macabre.

But you will never know. You will never understand. Because you have not lived my life.

Find faults in my choices if you will, but this is what happened. Judge as you like, but know that my story does not require your permission.

Do not forget that you are the one who decided to listen . . ."


Violet Archer knows that something is coming. She just doesn't know what . . . or who. And, oh boy, is she ever in for it.

She will need to battle the Darkness--all which surrounds her--as well as all which lies within.

And while she knows her heart, it will be tested. Left behind by one man. Pursued by another.

She believes she is the hero of her story. But Violet is about to learn that some heroes turn into villains.

***Adult novel. Contains mature and explicit content.

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